Work Place Injury

Your workplace is somewhere you spend most of your day throughout the week and although many working envirmoents are robusta ndsafe enviroments workplace accidents do happen.


Have you been injured at your place of work? Did this workplace accident happen in the last three years? Personal Injury Lancashire could help you claim compensation after yoou have been involved in a work place accident.


Our panel of Personal Injury Solicitors for Lancashire have many years’ experience claiming for compensation on behalf of our clients. We understand the sensitive nature of a workplace injury claim especially if you are still employed by the same company. We carry out our personal injury claims in a professional and fair manner this has seen our previous clients be able to carry on working comfortably at the same company.


There is a duty of care that employers have to keep to and providing a safe working envirtoment is one of them. Unfortunatley although there is trict helath and safety guidleines and laws for employers these injuries still aocour on a daily bnasis across the UK. There is many reasons for this from complete disregard of health and safety laws to employees skipping crucial task to save time and increase productivity. Although saving time may be crucial to you or your colleagues getting your work completed if your health and safety is being put at risk it is not worth it and management and employees should ensure that safety procedures are being followed at all times.


If you have been injured while working call us today on xxxxxxxx are team is available twelve hours a day seven days a week to help you. We offer a no obligation consultation so that you can get the information you need before starting your claim.