Medical & Clinical Negligence Claims

Personal Injury Lancashire works with clients across the county of Lancashire providing legal representation if you have suffered as a result of medical or clinical negligence. We have worked with clients helping them claim compensation successfully when they have been a victim of negligence privately or through the NHS.

Medical negligence covers an array of medical professionals and can include treatment diagnosis and surgery’s including cosmetic. We have experts in medical negligence claims available twelve hours a day seven days a week to help you start your claim.

Clinical and Medical Negligence Claims

We understand that the nature of medical negligence claim can be a very personal and sensitive subject and this is why when you work with us you will be assigned an individual medical negligence solicitor who will work with you throughout your claim. With this claim type being complex and sensitive we have built up a team of local and national experts who are available to help us build your compensation claim. This could include using specialist’s doctors or industry professionals to review case files and notes along with carrying out a third party medical consultation. These relationships have been fundamental in helping clients form Lancashire and the surrounding areas claim compensation after being a victim of medical negligence.

The effects of medical negligence to can be long lasting and affect you emotionally physically and financially.. When working with us we will look into every aspect of your claim ensuring that you are compensated correctly and have the financial support you need going forward to live a normal life after being a victim of medical negligence.

If you have suffer as a result of medical or clinical negligence in the last three years call us today for a no obligation consultation. You can call us now on xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or request a call back at a time that suits you. Just fill in the form on the right hand side and one of our medical negligence team will call you back when convenient for you.