Back Injury Claims

Are experience as personal injury solicitors for Lancashire has seen us help our clients when they have suffered a personal injury that has resulted in them claiming compensation for a back injury.

Back and Spinal injuries can have a huge effect on your day to day life and your ability to carry out daily tasks. If you have suffered a back or spinal injury we could help you claim compensation. The team at Personal Injury Lancashire are available to speak with you today.

When you work with us claiming your compensation for your back or spinal injury we may be able to offer our No Win No Fee* service. Are team of personal injury solicitors are committed to getting you the compensation and care that you deserve after suffering a back or spinal injury.


Understanding Your Claim

Back and spinal injuries very often come with long term side effects for the individual involved. Claiming purely for the injury itself would not give you the maximum amount of compensation available to you. Are team of back and spinal injury solicitors will work with you to understand the implications you have suffered due to your injury. We have great relationships with local and national experts who are able to provide us and you with more information and after care options to ensure that your back or spinal injury sis not left untreated due to financial constraints.

Areas we look at when building you Back injury compensation claim?

We start by looking at the injury itself, how did it occur? Who is at fault? We then move to look at the medical treatments that you have already had and how this has helped your recovery process. We then build up how you have suffered due to this injury in everyday life. Not being able to work limited movement or ability to carry out daily tasks.

All of these areas and more will be considered and investigated when working with you to ensure that you get the maximum compensation available to you.


We work with you in a simple and straightforward manner to ensure that you are comfortable throughout your back injury compensation claim. We work with a panel of solicitors covering the Lancashire area. This team of solicitors are industry experts in their field of personal injury and have helped many clients across Lancashire secure the financial compensation that they deserve.

Call us today for your back or spinal injury consolation. We offer no obligation initial consultation so that you can understand the claims process at this stage our personal injury experts for Lancashire will be able to beginĀ  reviewing your back or spinal injury claim to see if we believe we can help you start your claim.

The team are available twelve hours a day seven days a week, so when you need us we have a member of our team available. You can call us on xxxxxxx or request a call back at a time that suites you.


*Other costs could be payable