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Personal Injury Lancashire works with a panel of qualified personal injury solicitors. Our panel of solicitors bring experience, skill, compassion and complete commitment to the role of representing our clients across a broad range of personal injuries.

With every client we take on, our goal is always to help our clients with their needs and get them the maximum amount of compensation they deserve.

Personal Injury Described?

Personal Injury is when a person suffers an injury because of someone else’s negligence. Have you suffered a personal injury that was not your fault you may be entitled compensation. Personal Injuries come in many different forms and include physical and psychological injury or illness. Do you believe that you have suffered an injury or disease physically or psychological contact expert personal injury solicitors covering Lancashire today.

Types of Injuries that we have claimed for on behalf of our clients.

Our team of expert injury solicitors covering Lancashire and the inner towns can assess your case on an individual basis. So if you do not see the injury you have suffered from below, you can contact us directly on xxxxxxxxx

Personal Injury Lancashire Could Help With …


Injuries can arise from a variety of situations, from car accident to medical negligence and many more.

From personal injury claims to wrongful death cases, our panel of solicitors could represent injured parties or surviving family members to gain the compensation they deserve for losses caused by the negligence of others.

Can I Make a Claim for Personal Injury?

Personal injury claims can be very complex but we aim to make them simple for you to understand. If you have suffered a personal injury due to third party negligence contact us today.

Claiming for minors

It is not only adults (18+) that can make a claim for personal injury if you are under 18 the courts will appoint a responsible adult to claim on your behalf.

Claiming In the event of a fatality

It is also possible for next of kin or personal representatives of the deceased to claim compensation on their behalf.

Time Frames For Making a Claim

Personal injury and accident claims must be raised within three years of the date of the injury or accident occurring. There is exceptions in place for certain illness and if you where injured as a child. Although there is some expectations if you do not meet the exceptions criteria than this rule is extremely strict. Contact us today to make sure you do not miss the compensation time frame.

Compensation amounts Vary: How Much Could You Receive?

The value of every personal injury claim is completely different and we do not agree with putting payment tables as literature for our clients. The reason we do not do this is that we believe like you your personal injury is an individual matter and needs a personal injury solicitor to ensure you get the maximum compensation for your personal injury claim.

Every case that we handle for our clients is assessed and dealt with by an experienced personal injury and accident claims solicitor. Call us today to take advantage of your no obligation consultation.

No Win No Fee?

Suffering a personal injury can cause you physical emotional and financial pain. We understand the difficulties that suffering an injury can bring on your personal finances and this is why we offer No Win NO Fee*. No Win No Fee in essence s straight forward you only pay for the legal service you have received on a successful

Personal Injury Lancashire works with a team of specialist personal injury solicitors, who are experienced in claiming for compensation on behalf of our clients. We deal with a complete mix of personal injury cases on a weekly basis and are teams experience levels vary in particular injury types. After you have completed your initial no obligation consultation you will be matched with a personal injury solicitor with the experience needed to help you.

Personal Injury Lancashire covers the whole of the county you can see all areas we cover here.

Are you looking for a personal injury solicitor to work with you and get you the compensation you deserve? Contact us today on xxxxxxx


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